ML Engineer 🤖

Hey 👋 I'm Dariusz Semba, I build AI solutions.
My current focus is on LLMs and information retrieval.

I write about recent advancements in the AI field, technology and startups.

My recipe for successful AI projects

Building AI solutions shouldn't be about hype but about focus in executing a clear strategy

Bringing real value

Project should always be focused on bringing value to the business and the users

Measurable outcomes

Finding a way to measure the outcome and define the success metrics

Low-hanging fruits

Finding areas for improvement, estimating the effort and maximizing the generated value / time and money invested in

Quick validation

Start with a proof of concept and verify the assumptions early on, only then build MVP - minimizing the initial investment.


Use AI to automate tedious tasks and ensure the quality of a repeatable process.

Data collection and extraction

Utilize existing data - identify missed opportunities and build an advantage/moat against competitors

Technologies I'm using

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